The System of Hierarchy

I don’t know why I think the way I do, I just do. Sometimes my mind gets me into a boatload of trouble, while at other times it’s the greatest friend I have.

Many years ago, when I was a brand new squeaky clean baby Christian just starting my journey of water walking, I started to see Continue reading “The System of Hierarchy”


Relationship with God?

God limited Himself in Jesus while He was on earth, but is never limited in Himself. God is one God, in each of his persons; Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and each of the three entirely God. If God was only one person, Continue reading “Relationship with God?”

Jeopardy – It’s not what you think . . .

Jeopardy, n. jep’ardy. Exposure to death, loss or injury; hazard; danger; peril. [.]                  [.] They were filled with water and were in jeopardy. [.] Luke 8 – Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

It’s ironic in a way, that jeopardy was never part Continue reading “Jeopardy – It’s not what you think . . .”