The way I see it . . .

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One of my favorite things in life is to sit in the middle of a theological discussion where people are disagreeing with one another with all the rules of etiquette in play. Not really! Continue reading “The way I see it . . .”


Honey, can I drive now . . . ?

My wife has the aptitude for driving in Formula One events. The results from a career path test actually verified that she had what it takes to be a race car driver. Driving with her is, well—, stimulating! When I asked her parents Continue reading “Honey, can I drive now . . . ?”

The way I see it . . .

I decided to do a weekly Sunday post, “The way I see it . . .” I’ll be writing about stuff that has helped me over the last six years of a very difficult transition. Morphing from a place where all things are familiar to a life where very little produces the sense of Deja vu left me frozen in fear most of the time. However, the process has given me new eyes on life. I want to share my eyes with you in “The way I see it”. . .  Continue reading “The way I see it . . .”

The Power behind Perspectives . . .

. . . or the Mechanics of Belief

Spiritually speaking, I think its wrong to tell people what to believe. Not only is it wrong, it’s a covert manipulative attempt in making disciples of your own views. I say covert, because I don’t think we want to dupe people like that. Continue reading “The Power behind Perspectives . . .”

What is truth? -cont’d . . .

Correct me if I’m wrong here. I think the following phrase is as common as everyday expressions like “life is good”, “hang in there”, “works for me”.

“. . . the truth will set you free . . .” Continue reading “What is truth? -cont’d . . .”

God – male or female?

As long as I use myself or others for as a reference for truth, I may have God confused with Yoda.

I believe both genders of male and female are derived from God’s nature. That is, I believe that God has male and female characteristics. But with the same breath I will say the Godhead ( Father, Son, Holy Spirit)  who is not human, is neither male nor female. Continue reading “God – male or female?”