The way I see it . . .

His Mission – My Mission

When I first met Jesus, we learned the scripture by singing them to ourselves and each other. To use the words of Eric Clapton, “see if you can spot this one”

Sung in a way that women echo the husband’s lead.

For this purpose was the Son of God manifest (men)

For this purpose was the Son of God manifest(women echo)

To destroy the works of the evil one (men)

To destroy the works of the evil one (men)

1 John 3:8

A simple little song that we would sing over and over, but now 43 years later the simple lyrics of that song convey to mean the very nature of God’s experiment.

God’s Experiment

I borrow this from my favorite author, Oswald Chambers . . .

The whole experiment of the human race from God’s standpoint is the overthrow of the devil, not by God—the devil is no match for God—but by man. God is going to overthrow the arrogance of the devil by a being less than Himself, viz. by man, that is why God became Incarnate. There is only one expression of God’s attitude to the devil and that is Calvary.

God created man to be master of the life in the earth and sea and sky, and the reason he is not is because he took the law into his own hands, and became master of himself, but of nothing else. The Shadow of an Agony, Oswald Chambers.

This is my mission.




The Cataract of Religion . . .

I was kind of stunned when my optician told me I had cataracts. I think it stunned me because, my vision is fine, at least, according to me. I haven’t noticed any of the, you know, symptoms that typically come with this condition. And besides, cataracts are what other people get, not me; add to that older people get them. Continue reading “The Cataract of Religion . . .”