Crossing Over Jordan . . .

Deuteronomy 9:1-2   Attention, Israel!

This very day you are crossing the Jordan to enter the land and dispossess nations that are much bigger and stronger than you are. Continue reading “Crossing Over Jordan . . .”


It’s an Old Cliche . . .

“If going to church makes you a Christian, than going to your local golden arch club should make you a hamburger,” – or something like that. Continue reading “It’s an Old Cliche . . .”

What’s Your Story

story; noun
  1. 1.
    an account of imaginary or real people and events told for entertainment.
    “an adventure story”
  2. 2.
    an account of past events in someone’s life or in the evolution of something.
    “the story of modern farming”

Continue reading “What’s Your Story”

A Perspective on Baptism

What I offer here is not a theological position, but a perspective on something as old as the earth – baptism. Not a debate on methodology, systematology, or any other long word that ends with “gy”.  Continue reading “A Perspective on Baptism”

Lessons on the Trail

The Pinnacle in Albany Township is in my front yard. That is I have a clear view of it from my front porch. The last time I hiked to the summit pictured here was over 40 years ago. I’ve been staring at its attractive profile for the last three years now.  Continue reading “Lessons on the Trail”

Can’t Franchise This

I was talking with my brother in law the other day about his trip to Tortola years ago. He was recalling his  time at the Bomba Shack for a Full Moon Party. So, here’s a little history. Continue reading “Can’t Franchise This”