The New Race of Man . . .

Born of God – I am fully human with a divine nature. I know the will of God. I am the will of God. My identity does not come from sexual transmission, but from God’s seed which is incorruptible. My spirit is now His Spirit. His Spirit has become flesh in me and continues to increase in me as His own as I yield every moment of life to Him. I am not a mere mortal, I am born of God. I am a person with an immortal nature and possessed with the properties and qualities of another world. My body is the temple of the timeless Holy Spirit and while it is bound by space, distance and other physical considerations, my spirit is not. I am born of God, but raised as human. – 1 Cor. 6:17-20;1 Peter 1:23; 1 John 3:9; 4:7; 5:4; 5:18

Sonship – God will not shield us from the requirements of sonship. Because I am human, I must learn obedience to the Spirit of God. This is true because I am human, not because I was a sinner. Our former life as sinners has nothing to do with my needing to learn obedience. Adam needed to learn obedience. He was not a sinner, but an innocent human. He failed and his sin cost him and all humanity with him. Jesus, even sinless as He is, needed to learn obedience also because he was human on earth.  Through His suffering in learning He was made perfect and became the author of eternal salvation through His death as the last Adam. His resurrected body is the second man of creation, Adam2, the Lord from heaven and all those who after Him are also heavenly.  And now, the Christian must learn the same obedience to God, not because he is a sinner; for he is not, but because he is God’s offspring – a human born of incorruptible seed. – 1 Peter 1:22; Hebrews 5: 8, 9; 1 Corinthians 15: 45-48

Obedience – Obedience is only possible among equals in their relationship like that of father and son, husband and wife, master and servant. True obedience is not given until I recognize the worth of the One speaking. Failure in obedience is the result of not seeing worth in the one speaking. It is the recognition of my own unworthiness instead. And sometimes, there’s nothing to do as far as obedience goes, but simply be in relationship. We have the notion that there is always something to do – I question that. As long as I view Jesus as a master over me, it is proof He is not my Master. As long as I see myself as a “sinner saved by grace”, I am viewing the truth from a position of unrighteousness. I am saying, “Lord, you cannot make me like you” by holding my unworthiness higher than His worthiness, because I was trained to speak that way by my religious order.

The Veiled Light – John 1:9 speaks of the Light that lights every person who comes into the world. This light in man is a veiled light. It is veiled by man’s flesh, that is, his soulish self. This is the light that shows man about God and witnesses to him about all that God is as much as he can know in this state. This is the light that revealed to Abraham the person of Christ 1900 years before his birth in Bethlehem. The veiled light gives knowledge of God, but only from a place of unrighteousness. It is Adamic knowledge, a knowledge without trust. This unrighteous condition can only be changed through the new birth.

The veiled light in man is the testimony of the creator God. This testimony is pleading for extenuation and unless man searches it out, despite his circumstances or lack of personal confirmation, he will continue his journey in darkness regardless of his religion du jour. This light in man is the counterpart of God’s nature that waits to respond to His voice and obey what he sees.  Every phase of His life has its counterpart in me because of this light, though it is veiled. The veiled light can only be transformed into real light or True Light through the new birth. As the spirit of man is sanctified by obedience to the truth, the veiled light continues to be transformed into True Light until there is no veiled light remaining and with an open face behold the glory of the Lord. True obedience, then, is a response to the Lord based on what I see and I can only see Him because His Life is formed in me. Obedience is the energy of movement or life flow between the Lord and the sanctified. The two are now inseparable. What started as sacrifice is transformed into delight.

Romans 1:18-21 states that man is without excuse for what he has been shown by this light that equips him, even from birth. Condemnation results when man sees what is in the light, but yields to darkness instead. This phenomenon is explained in detail in Paul’s letter to the Romans in the 7th chapter. He explained the dynamics of this inner conflict having experienced it like any other man. He was not endorsing or allowing it, simply describing the dynamics of a man caught in the battle between the natural and the spiritual.

Rendering this dialog down to an acceptable life style is often heard in the sentiment that denies the power of God.  “You know, we’re just sinners saved by grace”, is an expression of the spiritual necrosis in the worldly religious systems of our day that has reached epidemic proportions. Have we ever taken the time to think that God is justified in saving sinners only as He makes them holy? God does not pretend we are all right when we are all wrong. While death had its day in that it reigned over mankind, God through the Atonement makes an unholy man holy and the second Adam is the first of this new race that blazes with God’s glory!


Author: RoyZed

I'm a pretty simple country guy who enjoys living in the wide open spaces. I was married two years after graduating from high school. Life was pretty simple. You know, black and white, clear cut, no hassle kind of life style.Then 40 years later our marriage ceded to death. Life as I knew it was over! Pain and suffering have a way of opening you up like a plow tills a field. As a result, my black and white philosophy went to 256 shades of gray. I have a changed perspective, a different heart and a new life. My wife, Carrie, and I live in Kempton, Pennsylvania where we are enjoying our new lives together with our friends, family, horses and a colony of feral cats.

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