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Open the Eyes of my Heart

It was a Sunday morning while we were singing this song by Michael W. Smith when  I was hit wUntitled-1ith a realization that I was asking God for something I knew nothing about. That revelation came years before the time I would need to rely on what I understood that Sunday morning.

We are like James and John in many ways as described in Matthew 20:20. When the two brothers came to Jesus escorted by their mother, and she asked him saying, “My two sons are desiring to sit next to you when you are in your kingdom”.

The question reveals they really didn’t know Him, neither did they understand what they were asking of Him. He was kind enough not to say, “Do you know who you’re speaking to”? He simply said I’m not authorized to grant your request. He continued telling them that the experiences that awaited Him, they would indeed experience themselves.

Opening the  eyes of my heart is a beautiful poetic expression for a brutally difficult experience. You and I came equipped with a wicked heart. Ok, so you can’t see it when you just gave birth to the most beautiful baby on in the galaxy. Everything starts little!

It’s hard to wrap your head around the latent power of the human soul with the abilities that were endowed to it in a long time ago far away place. But when my vision turns on and I can now see, I can say to the overtly evil person, “that you are not half as wicked in your deeds as I am in my capabilities”. This is not a macabre statement, it’s a true one.

If only my heart were completely changed the moment I was born again, but it does not. Being born again gives me the equipment I need to work out my own salvation with fear and trembling. This new birth experience occurs after an old death, but never completely eradicates the kardia of its content. I must work out what God has done in me through the atonement.

In the fullness of time, He lovingly waits for the moment when I will visit the dark room. This is where my heart can be opened without the images being lost. Nothing in my library is considered insignificant. No one is permitted in this place as He helps me post the images of my life scenes around the room. Think of it as God’s Facebook wall. However, He will not allow the images to be seen by the public, providing you choose wisely and respond with repentance as your own life is shown to you in vivid detail.

After all, He is not aiming for humility in you. He is going for something infinitely much greater than humility or even, mere Christianity. “What”, you say. What He is after is Christ in you. That is the hope of His glory. As difficult as this is, it’s a real gift to discover what makes you tick; what makes you you. Not all of my negatives will be trashed, but most are and as I look at pictures I decide to keep for publication, I realize that quantity is not needed, image quality is.

When I see  the sign over the dark room that says “Room In Use” is lit, I know not to open the door. People who open the door when images are in process have never been there themselves. Only those who have been there and had their own images processed now have a heart that can see clearly what God is after in others, as He was in you.

Your patient with others now, because you understand what a gift it has been to you. It doesn’t make the waiting room any more pleasant, but simply doable by His Grace Power.

If you’ve never been to  the dark room, have patience.

Your time is coming.

You have an appointment.ROOMINUSE

God wants to show you His secrets and He is especially fond of you!

If this idea does appeal to you, let it alone.

He’ll find you regardless. . . .


Author: RoyZed

I'm a pretty simple country guy who enjoys living in the wide open spaces. I was married two years after graduating from high school. Life was pretty simple. You know, black and white, clear cut, no hassle kind of life style.Then 40 years later our marriage ceded to death. Life as I knew it was over! Pain and suffering have a way of opening you up like a plow tills a field. As a result, my black and white philosophy went to 256 shades of gray. I have a changed perspective, a different heart and a new life. My wife, Carrie, and I live in Kempton, Pennsylvania where we are enjoying our new lives together with our friends, family, horses and a colony of feral cats.