What is truth?

I’m just an average guy from southeast Pennsylvania. Graduated from high school and married at 19. I got a job in a trade apprentice program and a cool car. Our first and only child came 10 years later.We met Jesus, the one in the Bible, at the age of 23 and 7 years later were involved in ministry. Over the next 30 years we led small home groups, studied the scriptures with the appetite of a hungry lion.

We planted 2 churches, experienced growth, personally and otherwise. We saw the best and worst in people, including moi. I didn’t realize it while it was happening, but I thought I was exempt from most stuff that other people suffer, because I was a Christian serving selflessly for 3 decades.

I got the wake up call when we learned that my wife was terminally ill and had months to live. At 59, I was single. I was single? I’ve never been single! Teenagers aren’t single, their teenagers. Remember, I was married at 19. So after 40 years, I am now single. I didn’t handle that well and didn’t know what to do, except for one thing.

I remembered Jesus saying something about truth. He said you can know the truth, and that experience could set you free. I thought I was free. You know, I’m  a Christian in ministry, raised a good family, had the respect of my friends, family and our three dogs. But now, I needed to know truth like never before, or I was going to die, or worse, go crazy.

I started to search. . . and at the end of 5 years I can say I’m not the same person. I see things differently. Life is not black and white. OK, so don’t misunderstand me here, there are absolutes, but not as we think.

So, I decided to start this blog with the hopes of reaching out to others in need, learn from others and continue on my journey. To be sure, everyone has their own truth. But does that make their truth true? Maybe you have a truth, or perhaps an opinion; some level slightly below what could be considered true.

I’m inviting you to dialogue with me and others about what you believe to be the truth. The quote below was a turning point for me in terms how I would determine whether or not something was true. It came at a critical time of great personal loss. Finding the truth was essential for me to come out of the darkness that imprisoned me. Hundreds of thoughts collide in our minds everyday. Not every thought can be considered true.

“We routinely disqualify testimony that would plead for extenuation. That is, we are so persuaded of the rightness of our own judgement as to invalidate evidence that does not confirm us in it. Nothing that deserves to be called the truth could ever be arrived at by such means.” -Marilynne Robinson, The Death of Adam

As I said, let’s have a conversation. I want to hear from you. . .



Author: RoyZed

I'm a pretty simple country guy who enjoys living in the wide open spaces. I was married two years after graduating from high school. Life was pretty simple. You know, black and white, clear cut, no hassle kind of life style.Then 40 years later our marriage ceded to death. Life as I knew it was over! Pain and suffering have a way of opening you up like a plow tills a field. As a result, my black and white philosophy went to 256 shades of gray. I have a changed perspective, a different heart and a new life. My wife, Carrie, and I live in Kempton, Pennsylvania where we are enjoying our new lives together with our friends, family, horses and a colony of feral cats.

4 thoughts on “What is truth?”

  1. I think Truth is relevant to the perception and that which it is surrounding. I have realized, now that you have brought it up, that very little is necessarily true accept for looking to the past; things often only become true after they have happened.
    Mathematics are true, true North is true, or is it? I believe the Bible is true because I believe that it is God inspired. Is that true or just my perspective? Will the truth please set me free, maybe it already has.


    1. I like the question asked by Pontius Pilate in John 18:38, “What is truth”?

      As he stood there with Jesus I believe he realized he was in a real bind. His wife warned him to have nothing to do with this man for she had dreams about him that troubled her. There’s nothing like a wife who has visions and dreams during the night as you snore, then tell you about them in the morning.

      The Jews demanded he do something responsible that would be fitting a Roman authority of his stature. And yet his own conscience could not convict this beaten Nazarene. Yup, he was in a bind.

      In desperation (my opinion) he asks the question. I love the description Jesus gives about truth. He said those who are of the truth will hear my voice.

      For sure the Bible is true, but not because it is written. The scriptures are true, therefore, they are written.

      Sharon, thank you for taking time to read here with me. I hope we can keep the conversation going!


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